Enhancing learning through Web2.0 #CfBweb2

We are hosting a HEA Centre for Biosicence event at Leicester in December.

Enhancing learning through Web2.0

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Medical Sciences Building, University of Leicester

Web2.0 technologies continue to grow, both in diversity and usage and have the potential to impact all areas of learning. How can a bioscientist navigate the technologies of Web2.0 and why should you bother? The Centre for Bioscience would like to bring together examples of Web 2.0 which enhance student learning or academic scholarship. The day will advocate useful approaches rather than advocating particular programmes and be aimed at the novice to moderate user of Web2.0 tools.

Follow this event on Twitter at #CfBweb2 to follow Centre tweets on Twitter or consider joining Twitter.

The Centre hosts a social network site, UK Centre for Bioscience Pilot Social network, to explore the potential of using Web 2.0 with academics in bioscience education in UK HE. Give it a go!

Full programme and registration


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