Using wikis for project student lab books

bye bye paper note books? flickr:SSK
bye bye paper note books? flickr:SSK

I wrote about electronic lab books just before the summer break. Since then my husband (@richardbadge) and I have just published a short communication about his use of wikis to support undergraduate students carrying out research projects in his lab.  The wikis reside within Blackboard (using the Learning Objects campus pack plug-in).

The article focussess on his use of the wikis to supervise the student’s work, as this was a pilot study just carried out with his two students. We considered asking the students how they found it, but the most fundamental question we wanted to ask was how using an electronic lab book compared to a paper one, however, neither of them had used a paper lab book, so it was a moot point!

You can read the paper in full on the Bioscience Education Journal.


2 thoughts on “Using wikis for project student lab books”

  1. The pre-print paper I gave you, have u had a look into that?
    It has a table which compares paper logs and e-logs.

    in case u lost it it will be out on the Engineering subject centre’s open access journal soon (november).

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