Engaging Students Through In-Class Technologies

Even though I am offically on my summer holidays now until September (ahh the wonder of scheduled posts!) there is just time for me to mention a new Special Interest Group I’m involved in.

Engaging Students Through In-Class Technology (ESTICT) is a UK network of education practitioners and learning technologists interested in promoting good practice with classroom technologies that can enhance face-to-face teaching.

The ESTICT banner will over arch inter-related Special Interest Groups (SIG). The first of these SIGs is “EVS and Beyond” where EVS stands for Electronic Voting Systems.

The aims of the “ESTICT: EVS and beyond” SIG are:

  • To promote the use of EVS in teaching and learning (through models of good practice, events, case studies, networking face to face and online)
  • To disseminate and promote EVS practice with respect to conducting evaluations and research
  • To encourage collaboration between all stakeholders within and across institutions and promote a community of practice (includes students, practitioners and learning technologists)

Join our ning community http://estict.ning.com/

Once registered on the ESTICT site you will be able to find further details of and register for our first free event to be held at the University of Leicester on Thursday 26th November 2009.

The aim of the day is to share best practice in the use of in-class technology, with a particular focus on the pedagogic uses of electronic voting systems (also known as ‘clickers’ audience response systems ARS, personal response systems PRS). This event is aimed at those both those with experience of EVS who wish to share their best practice and those with an interest in the technology that would like to know more. Both experts and novice users are welcome.

Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Steve Draper, Senior University Teacher, Dept of Psychology, University of Glasgow. Steve is an acknowledged expert in the field of EVS and has published widely on it’s use in Higher Education. The title of his talk is: Ways to improve learning with EVS: some deep procedures for teachers, and what software features matter for these.

Places are limited so don’t delay.


3 thoughts on “Engaging Students Through In-Class Technologies”

  1. I’m trying to join the community, but the profile maker won’t let me through.

    Also, how and where do I register for the course?

    1. Sorry you are having trouble. Requests to join are approved manually so it may be a a day or so before your registration comes through.

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