Media, communications and making connections

For the first time, I attended a one day conference today purely because of someone I had met on twitter. Jennifer Jones is a first year PhD student in the department of media and communications at Leicester and is investigating social media. She walks the walk and talks the talk, and when met with resistance to the new forms of social connections offered by the likes of twitter in her own department, she decided to do something about it and organised a one day conference on the Social Media: Uses + Abuses (#uanda).

I think she did an amazing job, quite an achievement for a first year postgraduate student. She had the support of her twitter network behind her and quite a few of us were there to enjoy the conference.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the whole conference, but I very much enjoyed Andy Miah’s presentation. His description of twitter as a search engine was very apt and that it is replacing email is an important message for the those in the media and communications department to listen to. I hope they can rise the challenge and embrace these new connections and spaces.

I think Clay Shirky’s recent TED talk about twitter sums it up nicely: this represents a a new way of communicating, the many to many conversation can now be supported.


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