This week I will be mostly attending the third Science Learning and Teaching Conference in Edinburgh. There are nine of us with a bunch of assorted iPhones, iTouches, macbooks and netbooks going up from Leicester, so most of us will be trying to amplify the event for those who can’t attend (yes, including you Moira!) with the tag #sltc09. The easiest way to pick up all the tagged feeds will be through FriendFeed SLTC group as this will include tagged delicious, flickr, blog posts and tweets in one place.

We are getting better at this kind of amplification now, so I will be setting up futuretweets which include the tag, explain how to use it and direct followers to the webpage for the conference programme. This helps encourage others to join us and helps to explain to our followers that they won’t have to put up with the extra noise for long if they don’t want to listen in.

Let’s hope the wifi can cope with us all!


3 thoughts on “#SLTC09”

  1. I know, I’ve got Richard and Liam working hard on fixing the eeepc to work with the 3 dongle. Will bring it anyway in case you have poor signal with vodafone.

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