unconference was unboring


In a change to previous years, the learning and teaching in the sciences annual conference was organised as an unconference this year. It was an experiment and Stuart Johnson took his reputation in his hands to organise it. He needn’t have worried, we all managed to talk for two hours and eat the sandwiches, even though it was set up with only 10 days notice. We used a tag (#uollts) and several people from our various twitter networks joined in the discussion. We had twitterfall on the dataprojector and this did add to the discussion as well as providing a useful archive following the meeting (which I’m sure Alan or Stu will add to their blogs).

I thought we had a good discussion to say there were only around 20 people in the room and the very loose theme of ‘assessment’ to go at. I gave an impromptu demonstration of grademark (from Turnitin). I would have liked to hear more about the project in Geology experimenting with ‘keyboard’ examinations, so I am hoping that someone will capture a link for that and share it later.

This was my first experience of an unconference, and I rather liked it. When’s the next one Stuart?!


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