Easy Peasy eeepc

credit: flickr nDevilTV
credit: flickr nDevilTV

I do love my little eeepc (asus e701) and I’ve had it for almost a year now. I use it mostly in conference season, and as that is fast approaching I thought the eeepc deserved a little love and attention, so I have installed easy peasy 1.0 (ubuntu 8.01). Whilst it sits and upgrades to ubuntu 9.04 (anything from 3 hours 48 mins to 1 hr 52 mins remaining, your guess is as good as my wifi connection!) I have a few first impressions.

  • the system makes lovely use of the limited screen real estate on little eeepc without looking teeny tiny. The layout is clear and (dare I say it) easy to navigate.
  • joining our home wireless network took one click and a password.

I am hoping to get a dongle for mobile internet browsing to work with the eeepc so I am hoping I can it working with easy peasy (with a little help from Liam no doubt!).

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4 thoughts on “Easy Peasy eeepc”

  1. You’ll love getting mobile internet to work on it, all you need to do with most dongles is just plug it in and a wizard will start that just asks which network you are on, then it just sorts itself out. No need to install drivers or any additional software!

    BTW Most EEE PCs can’t cope with doing a distribution upgrade, they don’t have enough disc space. You will need to download the new official Ubuntu Netbook Remix image and install it, have written up some notes about it here: http://www.greenhughes.com/content/installing-ubuntu-904-netbook-remix-eee. Easy Peasy 1.0 will do a lot though, and is based on Ubuntu 8.10 which will be supported for another year.

  2. Thanks Liam – yes, I discovered this morning that there wasn’t sufficient room for 9.04, I’ll stick with easy peasy for now.

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