Kicking off QR code projects

We started our invovlement with the Bath University QR code JISC project on Monday 26 January 2009 with a visit from Andy Ramsden. We had a great variety of people at the session, from careers and student learning centre, to practitioners and the student union.

Andy presented some background on what QR codes are, what they can do and what level of awareness there is about them amongst the student population (Sarah made some good notes on this) and then we split into smaller groups and came up with some suggested uses. Andy has these recorded on a mind map, but being a bulleted list kind of girl, here is my summary:

SDSS Careers:

  • events advertising, on plasma screens, using SMS to reply and book events
  • QR stickers on ‘how to’ guides to get to web versions for future reference, cut down on printed leaflets
  • Booking system./online calendar/diary
  • timetable of events to subscribe to fed by RSS

ITS/Jon Scott

  • display QR on own phone screen for remote capture by colleague – replace business card with electronic version (I already tried this – it works well)
  • QR code on staff doors to show live availability 😉
  • keen to see way led by marketing from Students union for wider spread of awareness and adoption.
  • treasure hunt at the botanical gardens?
  • codes for buildings linking to maps and ‘where am I?’ postitioning
  • codes for next nearest wifi hotspot

Librarians had some great ideas:

  • Special collections: to a podcast/vodcast, further information, interactive task or questionnaire.
  • Library Induction: a treasure trail of where to find resources. An audio tour.
  • Departmental slide collections: instructions or support materials.
  • Ejournals: from the physical location of a journal a link to the electronic version.
  • QR code linking to availability of wireless networks around the campus.
  • Training sessions: could link to feedback or interactive elements (not unlike voting software).
  • Peer support: relating to information literacy training or general teaching across the University. Students can create a QR code on the fly that links them to their support /discussion group.

iScience and Alan’s thoughts:

  • outreach to schools – make posters more interesting, interactive, informative
  • links to videos to demonstrate use of equipment (ruled out in biology but possible in physics or geology?)
  • QR codes to denote ‘home’ of a piece of equipment so it can be returned to the right place after use
  • error logging for equipment
  • use during presentations to data tables (mobile format?)

Student union

  • will help SU green agenda to cut down on poster print runs,
  • students are poster blind, QR may help attract attention
  • QR code on name badges/ business cards (?phone) for elections with links to manifestos
  • QR to promote friending on facebook to SU groups (complex URLs, difficult to find easily on fb)

Andy’s full write up

Another area that has come up since the meeting is the use in museums, via twitter.

So time to get working..


3 thoughts on “Kicking off QR code projects”

  1. Great write-up Jo, thanks.
    I’m subsumed in the library block up there somewhere, but thought I’d mention the two projects I’m interested in working on:
    1. Peer communication. As part of a problem-solving ‘game’ I run in History, students need to contact each other to swap puzzles and compare notes. I thought that QR codes on the puzzles could lead to automated SMS/Email messages to encourage communication in this way.
    2. Museums. I’m talking to Terhi Nurmikko (tweeting as tmtn above), a graduate from Museum Studies here who has some good grounded ideas for use of QR codes in museums. I aim to widen this to work with the Museum Studies dept. on a visitor experience-type project.

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