What can we do with QR codes at University of Leicester

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Alan recently started thinking about QR codes and we have consequently joined a QR JISC LTIG project which is just starting at Bath University. Led by Andy Ramsden, the project will encourage a wide range of uses of QR codes, produce case studies and evaluate their uses. These uses can be with students in lectures, practicals, tutorials or other learning situations, or administrative, functional or for other activities such as marketing.

We will have our first meeting on 26 January 2009 11am – 1pm and so far have staff involved from the Library, ITS, Student Learning Centre, School of Biological Sciences and Beyond Distance Research Alliance. We are already starting to think of some uses and hope to develop even more ideas at the meeting in January.

All suggestions welcome!

Update 15 December – thanks to Roger at 2d code who pointed out that I had made a data matrix code, not a QR code. I’ve now replaced the image above with a QR code and learnt the difference between the two!

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One thought on “What can we do with QR codes at University of Leicester”

  1. Hi Jo – I wonder what differences between QR and datamatrix you’ve learned? Have you learned, for example, that, because QR codes encode the URL of a resource, if you want to change the resource that the code links to, you have to reprint the publication featuring the QR code, and create a new code with the new URL. With a datamatrix code you don’t need to do that – just change the URL that the code links to on a simple web-based admin tool, and the new connection is made immediately. For some applications, you might want to make the code link to a different url at different times of the day, week, term or whatever.

    Contact me if you want to know more about datamatrix codes and some specific features of UpCode that can support education.


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