iPod Touch has grown on me

Yes, I admit it, the iPod touch has grown on me. In fact, as colleagues, so generously pointed out yesterday, I can’t actually put it down. What changed from my last post? Getting my work email, contacts and calendar on the mail client. Now my problem is mainly stopping looking at the wondrous friendly red ‘you’ve got mail’ icon and working night and day.

youve got mail
you've got mail

Yes, typing is still a nightmare, and the auto-correct spelling drives me potty, but I am getting better and have come to realise it is a tool good for reading and not input (as a wise man once said). Watching anything on iPlayer is just a lovely experience and twitter is my lifeline on it . I still prefer a simple webclip of hahlo over twitterific – there was something about the interface for twitterific that I couldn’t get my head round, couldn’t find how to do direct messages, for example, or see all the tweets of one person, which I can do easily on hahlo. I also like the way hahlo will highlight and automatically twittersearch any hashtags in tweets – very useful for our smallworlds project.

We are hoping that the students we give the touches to will have the same love affair with them. Actually if they don’t I may want to question their sanity, but then what do I know about the youth of today?!


3 thoughts on “iPod Touch has grown on me”

  1. You’re on a desert island. It has wifi (bear with me). Which device would you chose to be stranded with:

    a) iPod Touch
    b) eePC
    c) Sharp stick
    d) None of the above

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