Using the itouch

Testing the iTouch this weekend has been interesting. I am writing this on the touch, so forgive the spelling!! I can only write in the HTML editor, not the wisywyg.

I was very keen to try it out, however it has been less thrilling than I expected, partly becuase I was already used to the GUI. The main reason though is because this is part of a project, I haven’t wanted to sync the device, so it is missing most of it’s best features – the PDA abilites for email, calendar, photos and music.

I do wonder what we will find on the devices when we get them back. I think we will need to give the students some advice about clearing their browsing history and logging out sites before they return the devices.

Halo is good for twitter and may be a good idea for the students to have some recommendations to use that.


5 thoughts on “Using the itouch”

  1. The iPod Touch falls down for me on a number of counts: lack of Flash (video) and as an input device (typing, no camera). In fact, apart from reading text, the only workable application I have found is twitter, which is nice.
    However, fanboydom never fails, so I’ve put my mobile purchase plans on hold to wait for “the brick” on October 14th!

  2. Contrary to your findings, Dr. Badgr (and mainly due to the parts you had to avoid using for reasons you state – although that would give us a chance to see how easy it is to clear previous user history, so I say go for it ;-), I have found my own new iPod Touch to be nothing short of fabulous.
    For a long time, I’ve wanted a device which will: hold and play a large slice of music and let me select it easily; play BBC Radio 5 and 6 to me; keep notes/to do list which I can sync to my desktop; pick up my email and tweets when roving around; sync with my work calendar and alert me when I (regularly) forget where I’m supposed to be; and let me play games on a long journey.
    My touch has given me all but one of these so far (and I suspect there’s a way I can get BBC radio via an App), and also thrown in GPS when I’m in a built-up area, videos to play on train journeys should I so desire, and access to the internet to keep up with stuff. It’s also much smaller than I thought, and the interface is beautifully effective.
    As always, it depends on what you need, and matching the device to your needs (rather than the other way round). The iPod Touch certainly met mine.

  3. I know, I am moaning for no good reason except that I like to be disappointed with stuff if I haven’t actually paid for it myself 😉

    Indeed, it is clearing browsing history and settings that I am concerned about. We need to think about whether we are going to register the devices with apple online, and if once identified with a personal apple ID (and credit card!) we can wipe that sufficiently before the next user turns up. Will we need to clear and reset every device during handovers? Should we just use the settings to disable the use of most of the fun stuff (app store. youtube)?

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