here comes my summer

All of a sudden, the school holidays are upon us. As my twin daughters started school in September, this is my first proper School Summer Holiday. I was lucky enough to switch to a term time only contract when they started school, so from Monday I will be off work until 28 August. Lucky you – I hear you cry! Well, I’m not sure about that yet – we will have to see if 6 weeks of childcare will leave me unhinged.

One serious issue for me is that part of the reason I justified moving to a term time contract was that it was quiet over the summer, and the academics I support didn’t want to know about plagairism and blackboard in July and August. However, I forgot that this was the time that I got all my work ‘housekeeping’ done. So, this week has been a mad rush of updating and report writing and tidying. Some of it will no doubt go home with me in the end!

I hope to keep twittering and blogging over the summer, so apologies in advance if I am moaning about camping in wet Devon or just moaning about being at home.

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