HEA internet non accessAnd for our next conference, not only are we being charged for the reception, drinks, dinner, accomodation on top of a £385 conference fee (3 days, no speaker discount, all authors must be registered) but now a little extra if we want to work while we are there …. looks like I’ll be walking up the road to Starbucks or McDonalds!


4 thoughts on “speechless”

  1. Flipping dipping! There has to be a point at which someone tells these folks that conferences are for people to meet and talk and “big up” the hosting organization/institution and that bleeding us isn’t the way to go (posting this jaded from a two day conference to which I drove and presented each day and it’s a couple of hours each way).

  2. So, welcome new postdoc student! Here’s our advice: on your meagre stipend (if you’re lucky enough to get research council funding, of course) you’ll need to create a strong research profile by attending as many conferences as you can. Got a strong research thread? Great! Present papers at even more. Oh, but word of warning: much like your parents’ summer holidays, it’s now much cheaper to present in Tokyo (air fare figured in) than in the UK, so look abroad first.

  3. I agree. This conference is clearly for some different class of researcher in education that I haven’t met yet, one with funding.

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