poor little eeepc

I’m just back from a conference in Newcastle where I took my little eeepc for note taking. Unlike the OUeepc event, where everyone had a machine of some sorts, there were only a few laptops in evidence. Plenty of macs, even an air, and a couple of other people with eeepc’s. however, the main problem was juice. There was only one socket in the lecture theatres, and not a single one available in the lobby/restaurant/entire ground floor (believe me I looked everywhere!). What’s more, I really missed having mobile broadband. The free wifi was almost impossible to log in to (very secure!) and I only got on once and then it locked me out for the rest of the session!


1 thought on “poor little eeepc”

  1. Sad to say, I’ve had similar negative experiences with conference wifi elsewhere. My solution is to find a cafe or pub with “free” wifi. At least the last time when I twittered about the problem at a commercial venue, I got a response within hours!

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