A poor commercial move

Alan Cann and Nigel Gibson have both blogged about how TALMOS have threatened blogger Doug Belshaw for making unfavourable comments about their product on What:

What a poor commercial move by a company looking to sell to the education sector. In education we generally like to learn from our mistakes, criticism is part of the learning process. It is a shame that TALMOS doesn’t have an educational ethos as a company.

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4 thoughts on “A poor commercial move”

  1. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for publicising the issue. I’ve fallen in line so as to make sure my school isn’t involved in bad publicity. What I feel like doing/saying though is another thing… 😦

  2. What a dreadful way for a company to treat someone, and a great example of really poor PR. It demonstrates a complete lack of understanding about how to manage a brand in the web2 world.

    Some advice to TALMOS
    You’ll stuggle to stop everyone talking about you on the net (e.g. http://summize.com/search?q=talmos) so why not engage with criticism in a positive way. It seems to work for restaurants….

  3. I think everyone would agree that constructive criticism is an excellent way to effect change.

    The main area of concern for those who have commented is that an email was sent to the school at which Doug works which it has been suggested was threatening. This was not actually the case. However, there is no doubt that confusion and concern has certainly been caused.

    The email was sent with the intention of arranging a meeting with the school to discuss the problems which, according to the comments in the blog, they were having with the product.

    Our problem with the original post was not any personal opinion but rather some of the facts which we felt were inaccurate.

    I have been given an opportunity to discuss this on EdTechRoundup on the 6th July which I hope will help everyone who is interested to gain a fuller understanding of the situation and perhaps to understand a little more about the company.

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