OK, so here goes nothing

wordpress logoI have finally realised that I need somewhere to put all the stuff I am accumulating online and in my head. In order to preach web 2.0, I need to do it. While I started a blog to provide support to the School of Biological Sciences, I have noticed that there are more things I would like to record my thoughts about online, but they don’t necessarily fit in to that support role. I am hoping that this will fill the gap and that I can keep up regular posting! We’ll see.


6 thoughts on “OK, so here goes nothing”

  1. err… three on wordpress – the school one, this one and one for the OU which is really just a dumping ground of course messages/ standard emails/ time logs/ marking tips with tags!

  2. I think akismet is on… not sure!
    Plone isn’t a proper blog 😉 more a collection of easy to edit webpages. I can’t see me keeping up with tumblr, I just don’t grok it! (as you would say). I started a couple on blogger, but chose wordpress over those, I like my silos…..

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