Dawkins on twitter


I have been trying to convince my better half that I am not just frittering my time away using twitter but doing something useful. He doesn’t seem to believe that anyone of any real intelligence would use such a medium. Salvation came when last night (via my twitter network of course) I discovered that Richard Dawkins joined twitter. Over the last 48 hours, the growth in the people following him has been amazing. The two shots below were taken just over 24 hours apart. I will wait and see what his reaction to twitter is, he certainly isn’t having a conversation just yet, but it is early days….


update: following a busy weekend, the followers have gone through the roof and I am pleased to report that Dawkins does appear to conversing in good trivial twitter style, and some more serious stuff too.



4 thoughts on “Dawkins on twitter”

  1. Yet again, some impostor is pretending to be me. I do not Twitter, I had never even heard of Twittering until a thread on RichardDawkins.net alerted me to it, and I most certainly have not signed up for it. I am told there are numerous Facebook pages purporting to be mine. None of them is. I do not have a Facebook page, or anything comparable.

    I don’t understand the motivation of these impostors. They do not seem to intend malice. If that were the motive, I could kind of understand it. If it were amusing satire I could understand the motive. But the fictititious persona that they invent for me is not particularly discreditable, nor is it funny. The statements attributed to me are not wildly implausible. But they are not mine. They are pure fiction. If anybody can suggest a possible motive I would be curious to know. What kind of person makes up fiction about a real person, which is neither malicious nor humorous but just sort of DULL?

    And does anybody know how to let it be known to the Twitter admin people that this is an imposture?

    Richard Dawkins

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